Has the Covid – 19 Pandemic affected the solvency of your Business?


Has the Pandemic had a positive, detrimental or disastrous effect on your business?


Before you can respond with remedial measures and actions you need to know how solvent and resilient your business is right now. Are you planning to restore your business to its previous status, offering the same products and services to existing markets or do you need to re-position and restructure your business, aimed at new opportunities? Once you know your present position and you have decided on your future direction you can take the necessary actions to make the changes to your business and your go-to-market activities. Please use the FREE QuiCA Continuation Assessment Tool to quickly identify the stress areas in your business, right now.

Where are you now?

Self-assessment – Business is in distress

Free assessment Tool

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Well done


You Have Taken the First Critical Step towards getting your business back On Track by determining your own unique “Continuity Profile”. We trust that you will be able to use the QuiCA tool and the accompanied advice to not only survive but to thrive in this new and uncertain environment.


Ensure Continuity


If your business scored 15 or lower you are facing serious solvency and continuation challenges.  We have developed a QUICK RE-START programme that will help you restore and drastically improve the viability of you business in weeks not months. Please contact us for a free no obligation discussion.